Autistic Burnout

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There are dozens of books on burnout; however, very few, if any of them, specifically address the unique causes and understanding of burnout in autistic individuals. This anthology attemps to change that by sharing the lived experiences of individuals who have experienced autistic burnout.

We’re looking for a wide range of essays  which encompass the entire burnout experience. You don’t have to examine very aspect of burnout, and in fact, you’re invited to maybe answer a single question or just a couple from the below list. Some of the questions I’d like eassys to cover are:

  • How did I know I was in burnout?
  • How was the traditional burnout advice unhelpful?
  • What supports helped me emerge from burnout?
  • How do I prevent burnout from happening again?
  • How long did recovery last and what did it look like?
  • What caused my burnout?

Essays need to be written by individuals who have directly experienced autistic burnout. Please no how-to essays from coaches, parents, professionals, or neurotypical individuals for this collection.

To find out specific details about essay preferences, including length, submission email, and format, please read our general essay guidelines here or check out our current submission calls page.

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