Grief (Volume 2)


 NOTE: This essay is a continuation of our original project; therefore, proceeds for this essay will either be for a charity to be decided or paid to the authors. The final decision will be made by final vote of the authors once all essays have been submitted and accepted.

Grief is tough enough to deal with, but it’s been discussed that neurodivergent individuals process grief differently. Plus, we have more things to grieve. Not only are we grieving the “regular” losses in life, but we’re often grieving friendships and opportunities lost because we’re neurodivergent. For those who are diagnosed later in life, we often grieve what our lives could have been like had we been given the proper supports we needed, or even recognized as neurodivergent. We’re examining all forms of grief and how that grief affects us or how we process that grief.

Essays need to be written by neurodivergent individuals (Self dx is fine.).

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