We are now reading for fiction

Epona Muse Publishing is pleased to announce we are now open for fiction submissions. All anthologies are open until filled. Like our nonfiction anthologies, authors receive their share of the royalties after publication. More information can be seen on our “Current Submission Calls” page.

Current Themes

Crip The Sun

CripPunk meets Solarpunk. Not sure what CripPunk is? In short, it’s a movement that discards the notion that physically disabled individuals need to be “inspirational” or that we must conform to the “good crip” stereotype. It is FOR physically disabled individuals BY physically disabled individuals, and this anthology should be by OWN VOICES of disabled individuals.

Need more information? Check out these links: Principles of Cripple Punk | Cripple Punk in Wikipedia | Up the Disabled Punx (a great article talking about it)

Solarpunk is an optimistic movement that focuses on climate justice and sustainability, often within a speculative fiction lens. (Learn more here Solarpunk wiki and SolarPunk or How to be an Optimistic Radical)

What do we want?

This sounds rather nitche-y, but we want own voices cripple punk stories set in a solarpunk environment. We know disabled and marginalized folk are very often left out of the sustainability and climate future discussion, so let’s change that. How do you envision a cripple punk future that adheres to solarpunk themes?

The Details

  • Your speculative fiction story must be set in a solarpunk future (elements of fantasy are welcome!).
  • Stories should be between 2000 and 7500 words.
  • Payment will be a split of royalties among all the authors. We provide royalty statements monthly and pay via paypal.
  • We ask for exclusivity for a period of time, then you can reprint the story. Just please give us credit as first publication.
  • Again, this is to be an own voices anthology. (Physical disabilities is a wide ranging category. We trust each author to know their own body the best. You also don’t have to disclose your disability unless you feel comfortable doing so.)
  • Any questions please ask? Anthology is open until filled.