Refund and Returns Policy


The Epona Muse Publishing Bookstore sells digital products. As all books are digital and delivered upon receipt of the order, we do not offer refunds or returns. If you’re having trouble downloading the book onto your preferred device, please check our support portal.

Reader Technology: It is the reader’s responsibility to understand the technology (mobile e-reader devices and apps) they chose to use to read published works. It is also the Reader’s responsibility to keep technology current and updated. Epona Muse Publishing provides links to support documents provided by Amazon and recommends Calibre software to help transition books to your preferred reading devices. However, Epona Muse Publishing is not responsible for readers unable to load books to technology. Epona Muse Publishing will not provide a refund due to the digital nature of the book.

Returns are not allowed.

If you need support, please contact our support portal or reach out to your device’s manufacturer/developer.