We are reading for several anthologies at the moment. Topics include neurodivergent grief, neurodivergent burnout, and publishing as an author with a chronic illness. These anthologies will be open until they’re filled with approximately 10-15 stories.

If you’re interested in writing for one of these stories, please contact us and let us know. Even better if you have an approximate idea when your essay will be completed. For full information, please read our submission guidelines, but generally we’re looking for an essay from the lived experience of someone writing on one of those topics.

Topics and number of accepted essays:

Grief Vol 2: 2/10-15 essays
Burnout: 3/10-15 essays
Publishing While Chronically Ill: 1/10-15 essays

We’ll work on updating these numbers each month with the understanding that it can take a while for those of us dealing with neurodivergence or chronic illness (or both!) to complete an essay of between 1000 and 10000 words.

Upcoming Deadlines

Autigender (how being autistic affects gender identity) has a deadline of September 30.

Final Thoughts

Please don’t worry about your writing. Write from the heart. Essays will be edited for readability and clarity if necessary (and of course those pesky typos), but I would much rather have someone complete a work that speaks to their experience than have the perfect essay, if such a thing even would exist.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.